50 Shades of C3PO

There have been some stories floating around cyberspace regarding the progression of…sex robots.

How they’re interactive, how they can sync their orgasms with yours, etc.

But I have questions.

Are they cost-effective? Will they put prostitutes out of business? Can I find one that looks like Susan Sarandon to tie me up and read me Walt Whitman?

Do you think Kevin O’Leary would find sex robots proprietary?

And lastly: do you think they could make a C3PO sex robot? No, I don’t mean some idiot dressed like C3PO in a pornographic video (I’ve heard stories about that), I mean an actual robot.

Whoops, not CP3O, C3PO! (😒)

I’ll bet a 3PO sex robot could have turned Felicity Jones’s 2-hour frown in Rogue One upside-down.

“The odds of achieving sexual climax in that position are approximately 3,753 to 1.”


“You probably didn’t recognize me because of my third leg.”

“Would you like to plug me into your hyper drive?”

I mean Amy Schumer did that Star Wars photo shoot awhile back with her in bed with C3PO AND R2-D2, right?

Maybe she was on to something. 🤔

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