Dogs and Beer

I love dogs, but I’m certainly not an expert on them. That’s what the internet is for.

I mean, and veterinarians too.

I also love beer, but I’m certainly not an expert on it, either. Hefeweizen or IPA? I don’t give a shit as long as it tastes good.

Nothing beats chilling on the couch, beer in hand, with your best friend sitting next to you.

Dogs and beer. Two things that make MURICA go (I think you could replace every member of Congress with a dog and more would get done). In fact, they kind of go together (but don’t actually give dogs beer, because the internet says it isn’t good for them).

A dog can be a growler, while beer can be stored in a growler.

If you find either one on the side of the road, you pick it up. Unless it’s a Natty Ice, then you leave it where you found it. There is NO such thing as a Natty Ice dog, though.

A female dog is a bitch, while drinking Smirnoff Ice makes you a bitch.

Dogs go to the bathroom outside, while drinking too much beer may inspire you to go to the bathroom outside (not recommended).

Dogs are cute even when they’re ugly, while beer can make people look cute even when they’re ugly.

Get yourself a dog and a six-pack and try to not be happy. It doesn’t work.

Or a twelve-pack, depending on the kind of day you’ve had 😁

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