Wolfpack Football or: Get me some Aspirin!

Just a little over a month now before the start of another NC State Wolfpack football season 😊

I mean, 😒

Or wait wait, how about…😔

Or hopefully when they beat UNC 😆

There is no emotional roller coaster quite like the one a Wolfpack fan endures every Autumn. It’s like being in a shitty relationship.

You know, the relationship where you were going to break up with her but then she DVR’d Cold Mountain for you and you knew deep down she was a good person, but then she chastised you in front of your friends because she found out you smoked a cigar and tried to hide it from her but you tried to hide it because you want to live your life but you’re afraid you won’t be able to find anyone else who wants to be with you so you suck it up.

Yep, being a Wolfpack fan is like that. They’ll knock off a national title contender one week, then get rick-rolled by some scrubbing-bubbles team the next week.

Like 1998, when State bounced 2nd-ranked Florida State 24-7, then the next week lost to unranked Baylor (the 2-9 Bears). But the WORST part of that season? Losing to the Goddamned UNC Tar Heels 😡

Or 2002, when they started the season 9-0 (Nine-and-damn-0!) then stumbled to a 10-3 finish. Beating Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl was nice, but, just, WHAT IF?!

Unfulfilled potential.

Take last season, for example. The Wolfpack went 9-4, but for a team that had 7 players drafted to the NFL, it felt…deflated.

But I still love my Wolfpack. Have since I was five. I’ll be cheering for them come September 1 (I’ll have to catch the State-JMU game on the radio because I have to work 😒) and strap in for another wild ride this fall.

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