Hail to the Skins, or When is it Okay to have a Native American team name?

I asked a Native American I used to know about when it was/was not appropriate to use Native American team names, and all he did was share a tweet that ridiculed people for asking when it was/was not appropriate to use Native American team names, without actually answering my question of when it was/was not appropriate to use Native American team names.

Seriously, even the damn tweet didn’t answer my question.

Soooooooo…when IS it okay to use Native American team names?

If it’s the name of an actual tribe (Seminoles, Illini, Aztecs) and doesn’t feature a caricature a la Chief Wahoo (Cleveland Indians)?

Or if it’s strictly generic (Indians, Warriors, Braves, etc.) and, also, doesn’t feature a caricature (like…Chief Wahoo)? Or is that just worse?

On a scale of 1 to Andrew Jackson, where does “Redskins” lie?

I’ll admit (not that you needed to hear it from me) that “Redskins” is a tad bit racist, and I can understand why a lot people find it offensive.

I mean, what if there was a team called the Chicago N-words? It’d be pretty tough to hide behind the “well we didn’t mean anything racist by it when we named the team!” defense. Same goes for “Redskins,” in my humble opinion.

But what irritates me is when sportswriters coming out of the woodwork telling the rest of us how RACIST it is to use the name “Redskins,” and how they’re making such a grand statement by referring to it as the “Washington Football Franchise.”

Like seriously, Bob Costas? You’ve been in broadcasting for decades and “Redskins” JUST NOW offends you? Took you a minute to get woke there, chief.

If it’s that offensive (and by enough accounts it is) then just get enough people who agree that it’s that offensive and petition to change the damn name.

Then we can move on to more important things, like the national debt and whether or not socks can be worn with sandals.

By the way, the Redskins are garbaaaaaaage 😊

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