Cockroach Stereotypes

When I first started working in pest control, I was at a new customer’s house one afternoon going over her pest control paperwork with her. She was an older white lady and I’m not sure she was, shall we say, all there.

She starting reading off the names of pests that were covered under her extermination plan.

“‘Merican roaches, German roaches…” she sounded out each and every syllable.

“Oriental roaches? What are those?” She looked up at me with a puzzled expression on her face.

Before I could respond, she answered her question with another question:

“It is cuz they have them slant-eyes?”

I’m wasn’t sure what was more off-putting; her second question or the cackle that followed it.

I almost told her it was because they’re not very good drivers. 😒

I mean come on, what century are we in? This is absurd.

Just to clarify:

1. Oriental roaches do not have “slant-eyes.”

2. German roaches do not infest Jewish households more frequently than non-Jewish ones.

3. American roaches do not carry guns or drive trucks that have “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper stickers.

We have enough problems in the world today without attaching racial stereotypes to insects.

I don’t care if a cockroach is white, African, Asian, Hispanic, or even a Pacific Islander.

I’m an equal-opportunity exterminator.

Fucking white people 😒

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