DVD Nostalgia

“Back in my day…”

Oh crap, I’m starting a post with this? I’m only 30 years old, what the hell?

Let me try that again:

Before “Netflix and chill” was a thing, I was perfecting the art of “DVD and wallow in self-pity” in my parents’ house.

At the time I managed a 24-hour restaurant (I won’t say which one) and didn’t have much human interaction outside of that (believe me, that job was plenty. If you want to learn how to hate, go into the restaurant business).

But I spent most of my spare time collecting DVDs. Walmart, Barnes & Noble, my ex-girlfriend’s apartment, anywhere one might be able to find good movies, I was there (My ex had shitty taste, so I spent maybe two minutes looking through her DVD stash).

But the absolute best place to go DVD hunting was Edward McKay, a large used bookstore/music/movie/hipster emporium in North Raleigh. I would literally spend hours there after work, just browsing.

The Man Who Would Be King? Edward McKay.

Blue Collar (No, not The Blue Collar Comedy Tour)? Edward McKay.

The Wicker Man (NOT the Nicolas Cage one!)? You guessed it. Edward Damn McKay.

But in 2017 Edward McKay shut down. I don’t understand why. People still read and watch movies and shit.

Of course it was inevitable that someone would ask “Gee Zach, why didn’t you just order movies on Amazon Prime?”

Because, at that time, I didn’t have my own Prime account, and if Nymphomaniac Part 1 showed up on my mom’s credit card statement she would’ve had my ass.

Besides, when I first starting dating my now-wife, neither of us had Prime. So we had to resort to DVDs. The first one we watched together? The Mask. That was the first time I thought “Maybe she’s the one.”

But now my wife has Prime, so if I wanted to order Nymphomaniac Part 1 I would just ask her, to make sure I’m not spending the rent money by mistake.

But now I’ve got about 400 DVDs laying around the apartment that aren’t being used. If you’re interested in a copy of From Paris with Love, just hit me up. 😊

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