Breadwinning Wifey

It amazes me how so many people in our society still assume that men are supposed to be the money-makers and the women are supposed to be the ones cooking, cleaning, raising kids and such.

That was an assumption held by many (no, not all) of my peers at Franciscan University (a whole lot of girls up there were working toward their M-R-S degrees), and it drove me up the wall.

Go to college, find a husband, shoot out kids while husband brings home 100k a year.

I was actually kind of jealous because I was a Communications major. 30k a year would have been solid pay for me. So I didn’t think any Catholic girl up there would actually want to marry little old me. And I was right. Then years later I married an Atheist 😂

Back when I was a kid, my Mah was the breadwinner (she raked in about 80 grand a year working for Nortel) while Pops did most of the housework (he’s a social worker, so he’s not exactly Uncle Pennybags).

One time I got into an argument with Mah (I was five, so I don’t remember what exactly it was about), and I tried to pull the “Daddy makes more money than you” card.

Big mistake.

“I make three times more money than your dad,” she snapped back. “You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.”

Then again, what five-year-old does? Way to punch down, Mah.

Twenty-five years later I still run into folks who act surprised when I tell them my wife is the breadwinner in our apartmenthold.

Granted, they also act surprised when they find out my wife’s an Atheist, but that’s another story 😉

“Wow! How do you deal with your wife making more money than you?” someone once asked me.

Oh it’s real easy. I just sit back on the couch, crack open a beer and say “hell yeah.”

Cheers to my breadwinning wifey!

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