Tuk-Tuk Thai-jinks

During my first trip to Thailand, there was only one thing that excited me more than adopting a younger brother.

Going for a ride in a Tuk-Tuk.

My eight-year-old brain could barely comprehend it. A Tuk-Tuk was like a tricycle, and a car, combined. With a motor!

I just had to ride in one.

After endless begging, my Pops finally agreed to go with me on a Tuk-Tuk ride.

We left our hotel and walked over to a man sitting in his Tuk-Tuk (not gonna lie, I get a huge kick out of saying the word “Tuk-Tuk.”). Pops asked him if he could take us for a spin, and the man nodded yes.

Oh man, it was badass. Buzzing around on the streets of Bangkok with no seatbelt, what a dream it was!

Pops even let me stop off and help myself to some delicious Thai food (okay, it was KFC, but we were in Bangkok, so technically…). I was so caught up in the excitement, I didn’t notice that Pops was starting to look a little queasy.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Man, now I know why so many people here wear those white masks over their mouths when they go outside.” He groaned.

Apparently Bangkok had a little problem with air pollution.

When we got back to the hotel, Pops went straight to bed and stayed there until the next afternoon.

Something told me that he didn’t enjoy the Tuk-Tuk as much as I did.

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