Why I Love Dogs

If I’m out and about and I see you walking a dog, chances are that I’ll smile and wave.

Not at you. At your dog.

I honestly think dogs are better than humans. In my experience, the majority of them are nice, friendly and ADOWABOWL.

Why do I love dogs? Here’s what a dog won’t do:

1. A dog won’t cheat on you with your best friend.

2. A dog won’t unplug your Nintendo 64 controller in the middle of the final lap on Toad’s Turnpike in MarioKart (Although a dog MIGHT accidentally turn off your Xbox. It’s happened to me before, but I THINK it was an accident.)

3. A dog won’t tell you that your shorts are the ugliest shorts he/she’s ever seen.

4. A dog won’t scratch his/her ass while cooking your lunch.

5. A dog won’t gaslight you.

6. A dog won’t ignore your texts (they might ignore you when you call for them, though).

7. A dog won’t take out a life insurance policy on you and then poison your Halloween candy.

8. A dog won’t force you to watch The Big Bang Theory.

9. A dog won’t call the cops on you for having a cookout in the park.

10. A dog won’t give you Herpes after hooking up with a flight attendant.

What WILL dogs do?

1. Be your best friend

2. Be ADOWABOWL!!! 🐶

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