Homeless Waste Stations

Sometimes posts write themselves.

You’ve all heard about the feces fiasco in San Francisco, but did you hear about the “Poop Patrol” they’ve formed in response?

The city of San Francisco has set aside over 800 grand to put together an organized effort to clean up the piles of 💩 on their streets. Human 💩. That’s a lot of money for a lot of 💩. Apparently they have quite the homeless population out there slinging 💩 on a daily basis.

Yes, I’m having too much fun with the 💩 emoji. Like I said, this stuff writes itself.

You know what might be cheaper? Installing a bunch of human waste stations.

Like the waste stations in my apartment complex where you can dispose of your dog’s 💩. You take a plastic bag, you scoop up your dog’s 💩, then you throw it in the basket available. Just make bigger stations for homeless people. What’s so hard about that?

Oh, single-use plastic bags are banned in California? Well, then they can just replace the plastic bags with those environmentally-friendly multi-use shopping bags you see in grocery stores now.

If you’re homeless and you have a tendency to leave more 💩 on the sidewalk than the average cretin, then you will have no excuse to not pick up after yourself when you have an environmentally-friendly multi-use shopping bag in tow.

Bigger bags=more 💩 to pick up at a time.

Once we get this implemented in Frisco, then we can move on to the 💩 storm raging in Washington, DC.

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