Wolf! Pack!

Finally, it’s here.

Opening day for NC State Wolfpack football 🏈

Here’s to the beginning of another angst-ridden, beer-fueled, TV-remote-be-damned roller-coaster-of-a-college-football-season ride 🍻

Here’s to loud Saturday afternoons, and one Thursday evening, of raucous Carter-Finley stadium crowds 🍻

Here’s to Wolfpack Nation, a fan base that knows no bandwagon 🍻

Here’s to my liver, because, as Kevin Durant once said, “You the real MVP.” 🍻

I’m going to make a bold prediction for this season…

Just kidding. Predicting the outcome of an NC State football season is like trying to figure out if God likes his eggs over easy or poached.

First opponent up: the James Madison University Dukes.

I just hope the Dukes are as imposing as the real-life Madison (the shortest President in American history), and that the Pack doesn’t show up in straight jackets.

So God, if you’re listening (or in this case, reading), throw on a couple more eggs, and let the Pack bring home that bacon!

Oh, and just for good measure:


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