The Scratched Vinyl of Frustration

Not every Wednesday is Hump Day, and the Wednesday after Labor Day should NOT be Hump Day.

But every Hump Day is a Wednesday.

And unfortunately, today is Hump Day for me.

The most obvious sign? When I have fragments of songs repeating over and over in my head, like a scratched vinyl record.

For example, right now *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” is playing, but only the actual “bye, bye, bye,” part.

“Bye, bye, bye, BYE BYE (scratch) bye, bye, bye BYE BYE (scratch)…”

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good *NSYNC number, but not the end of the chorus for ten straight minutes!

It could be worse. Earlier it was “Don’t you Want Me” by Human League, but it sounded like this:

“Don’t you want me Aaaaaaaooooooooh (scratch) Don’t you want me Aaaaaaaaaooooh (scratch)….”

Oh boy, here’s to nine hours of the worst parts of songs on repeat 😒

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