Rest In Peace, Burt Reynolds

Supreme Court hearings? Zzzzzzzzzz!

Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed discussing the resistance’s efforts to keep Trump in check? #DontGiveAShit

Burt Reynolds died? Nooooooooooooooooo!

One of my all-time favorite actors, from Deliverance to Smokey and the Bandit to even Boogie Nights, has left us 😢

Good ole Burt drew a mean bow, drove a mean Trans-Am, and had quite the eye for Golden-Age Porn (well, in Boogie Nights, at least. Then there was, of course, that infamous centerfold…)

Not to mention the fact that he played college football at Florida State.

Football+Acting=The Longest Yard=BADASS.

Sure, he had his share of duds (I think? I’d have to look them up), but here’s my top 5 in no particular order:

1. The Longest Yard

2. Deliverance

3. Smokey and the Bandit

4. White Lightning

5. Boogie Nights

He was such a boss, they even mentioned him on an episode of The Ranch.

Ashton Kutcher: “Man, Burt Reynolds has the best mustache ever!”

Sam Elliott: “Says who?”

When your ‘stache game is even remotely close to Sam Elliott’s, you got it goin’ on.

Oh, look what I just saw on Wikipedia:

I’m not sure if I’m crying tears of sorrow or laughter now.

Still, I’m gonna miss you, Burt. I’ll be hoisting up a Coors for you tonight.

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