It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…Black Superman!

What a year we’ve had. First, we were subjected to all the fuss about the possibility of James Bond being portrayed by a black man, and now…

The possibility of SUPERMAN being played by a black man!

That’s right, folks. The word on the street is that some Hollywood executives have expressed interest in Michael B. Jordan (no, not the floundering owner of the Charlotte Hornets) portraying the Man of Steel.

As Colonel Kurtz famously mumbled in Apocalypse Now, “The horror…the horror…”

People have a tendency to get riled up over the most ridiculous things, don’t they?

I saw that people were pitching a fit about this on social media; an absurd argument along the lines of “If you’re gonna make a traditionally-white character black, why can’t we make a traditionally-black character white?”

Someone even went so far as to broach the idea of Ryan Gosling playing (brace yourself!) Martin Luther King, Jr. in a movie.

That would just be absolutely unconscionable. The very thought of THE Martin Luther King, Jr. being portrayed by a CANADIAN?!

As Stanley from The Office once asked:

“Boy, have you lost ya mind, cuz I’ll help ya find it!”

It’s bad enough that the Canadian Gosling plays ‘Murican Neil Armstrong in First Man (how’s that for a triggering movie title?), because I never read about the planting of a red-maple-leaf-adorned flag on the moon in 1969.

Then again, if the moon landing was fake, then it doesn’t really matter who portrays Armstrong, does it?

All I’m saying is do whatever you want with Superman, but don’t you DARE make MLK a Canadian!

7 thoughts on “It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…Black Superman!

      1. I haven’t seen much of his work at all. I was tempted to watch Creed but I won’t watch anything Stallone has been in over the last, oh, 15 years except Rambo and like the first two Expendables movies.

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  1. Funny post, but Michael B Jordan is one of my favorite actors. “Creed” was excellent and I don’t even like Rocky movies. But if you’ve never seen “Fruitvale Station” you have missed an absolutely great movie and a great performance by Jordan.

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