Wolfpack Flashback: Boston College, 2016

October 29, 2016.

Before Donald Trump was President.

Before I was married.

The Boston College Eagles defeated my NC State Wolfpack, 21-14, at Carter-Finley Stadium.

It was actually the last football game I went to. My brother Nate had an extra ticket and I didn’t happen to be doing anything that day, so I jumped on it.

Even though State lost, I still had a fun time (I think Nate did, too, even though I made him drive). I’m a bit notorious for not taking State losses well (there’s a dent in the apartment wall that can attest to that), but that day, despite State’s disappointing performance, nothing got broken.

Of course, the Wolfpack could go 0-10 and the fans would still show up; tailgating, corn hole, and finding other ways to have a good time.

I honestly believe that State has THE best fans in all of sports. I’m not biased at all.

A random chick gave me a Bud Light as we walked through the parking lot (she said she didn’t like beer. I was happy to take it off her hands), and Will Ferrell showed up in the stands (wearing a “Nasty Woman” shirt. Meh.)

Yes, this selfie was taken BEFORE the game, when we still believed that the Wolfpack would not play down to its opponent’s level of competition (and BC was, um, not very good).

Oh, but they did.

Looking back, it amazes me that with all the NFL-caliber talent State had (Bradley Chubb, Nyheim Hines, Matt Dayes, Kentavious Street, etc.) that they couldn’t manage to score more than 14 points, yet ALLOW 21 points, going up against an unsalted-peanut-filled-dookie of a team (sorry, BC, but damn).

But this time, I think State is going to take care of business and improve to 5-0.

I hope so, anyway.


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