Lame Jokes

You know what the world needs right now?


Fear not, ladies and gents. For I, Zach Yonk, former twice-paid-but-mainly-open-mic comic, am here to provide you with a few quick, lame jokes.

1. Did you hear about the gay guy who became a Mormon?

He was looking for mor-men!

2. Did you know that Buzz Lightyear is a member of the Beyhive?

“To Infinity and Beyoncé!”

3. I met a Mennonite prostitute once…

She could do eight men-o-night!

4. What’s the difference between the Cleveland Indians and a porn star?

A porn star can finish!

So I quit going to open mics a couple of years ago. Nowadays, I just go home and make love to my wife, because when I do that I know at least one person will laugh 😄😒

Have a great day, y’all!

5 thoughts on “Lame Jokes

  1. And what’s the deal with airplane food? No, seriously, what are they feeding those things? They’re massive!

    Wait so you used to do stand-up or are you still doing it? Cause I want to secure early rights to free tickets for every show.

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