Zach Yonk: Investigative Reporter

I wore many hats as a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Zach Yonk: Intramural basketball legend.

Zach Yonk: Student movie extra.

Zach Yonk: Seeker of Dr. Scott Hahn.

However, the one that brought me the most notoriety, without a doubt, was:

Zach Yonk: Investigative Reporter.

That’s right, folks. I was an award-winning reporter for The Troubadour, Franciscan University’s student newspaper.

Granted, my girlfriend at the time was the Editor-in-Chief, and I’m pretty sure every reporter on the staff won an award at some point, but still.

ANYWAY, my dog woke me up earlier than usual this morning, so I decided to see if I could dig up any of my old articles.

Here’s one:

My first big story for The Troub. A couple of the visually-impaired students were complaining about the shoddy state of the Braille signs on campus, so I decided to write about it.

Braille-gate, so to speak.

The administration wasn’t particularly pleased.

What pissed me off, though, was the year after I graduated, another reporter did a follow-up story on the issue.

She interviewed the same visually-impaired students that I had talked to, but all they did was backtrack and make it sound like I had an agenda.

“You do not slam administration,” one of the students said.

Ain’t that some sunflower-seed-filled bullshit?

When I heard about that, my first thought was “Are you blind, lady?!”

I meant metaphorically blind.

I wasn’t trying to slam administration, I was trying to bring to light an important issue, dammit!

But you know what? Those Braille signs got fixed…I think?

I thought about filing a Libel lawsuit, but I don’t know how many attorneys would have been hot-and-ready to take the case.


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