Justin-Timberlake-Wolfpack Fan

NC State has to play Clemson this Saturday, so this will easily be the longest week of the college football season for me.

I like to think of myself as a “Justin Timberlake Wolfpack” fan.

Every time State faces a formidable opponent, people will ask me if I think the Wolfpack will prevail. My response:

“Don’t wanna think about it. Don’t wanna talk about it. I’m just so sick about it.”

Now, every time State BEATS a formidable opponent, I can’t help but bust out the cocky Timberlake in response to fans of the opposing team:

“Cry me a riveeeeeer! Cry me a rivEEEEEER!”

Finally, every time State Beats UNC, I go full Timberlake:

“I’m bringin’ sexy baaaack! Them Tar Heel boys don’t know how to aaaaact!”

When I got to the office this morning, I ran into our company’s DHF (Designated Heels Fan), who charged right out of the gate with this gem:

“Man, you know State’s gonna get killed this weekend, right?”

That’s right, this question fumbled from a TAR HEELS fan’s lips.

Here’s a list of things ain’t nobody got time for:


When UNC’s players aren’t getting busted for selling their shoes, they’re having a hard enough time playing such powerhouse teams as East Carolina.

So all you Tar Heels fans need to save that talk for basketball season.

In the meantime, “cry me a riveeeeeer!”

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