“The Mountains are Calling Me, and I Must GTFO”

If John Muir was alive today, and living in Cary, NC, that’s probably what he would have said.

This weekend, the Wifey, Miles the Jacked Russell, and I are headed to the mountains to relax in a cabin we found through Air BnB.

Because we absolutely, seriously, without a doubt, must GTFO of Cary!

We haven’t taken any trips since July, and originally we weren’t planning on taking any more until Christmas. But that stretch between the beginning of July and the end of December is unforgiving (especially during an election year!) so we had to throw a three-day weekend in there somewhere.


So here’s to a weekend of s’mores, Monopoly (with my wife getting a stranglehold on those blasted orange properties, no doubt 😒), alcohol, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, beautiful scenery, and hopefully, by Sunday, one worn out Jacked Russell.

Here’s to a weekend WITHOUT:

1. Politics

2. Depressing Cleveland Cavaliers news

3. Traffic

4. Football (with the exception of a brief excursion back to civilization so I can check in on the NC State-Syracuse game)

5. Cary

6. My work phone (sorry customers, y’all are gonna have to call the office)

As Jude Law said in Road to Perdition:


Have a good weekend, y’all!

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