Back From the Wilderness

Well, it wasn’t easy, but Wifey, Miles the Jacked Russell and I made it back from the wilderness in one piece.

And we didn’t even have to succumb to cannibalism to do so!

Wifey and I spent most of our time bundled up in the little (and I mean LITTLE) A-Frame cabin eating Cheez-its and reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Okay, so I read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark to my wife, while she rolled her eyes and laughed. I did learn that it’s more fun to read the spooky tales in a Jonathan Frakes voice (think Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction).

There were seven other dogs for Miles to play with, so he had the time of his life.

It was tough letting him off the leash at first. We felt like a couple of helicopter parents who would freak out any time our child left our sight, but for the most part he didn’t stray far.

Which is good, because it’s awfully difficult to run in flip-flops in the mud. It rained for the majority of the trip (it turned to sleet early Sunday, too. It was c-h-i-l-l-y).

All in all, despite the fact that NC State lost (there was just enough WiFi for me to keep track), and that I almost burned my face off over a charcoal grill trying to cook hot dogs (not real dogs, because we’re not psychopaths), it was a great little weekend getaway that was sorely needed.

Because even if it’s cold, rainy, and muddy, huddling up in a cabin in the mountains will always be better than dragging around in Cary, NC in any weather.

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