Halloween Eve: Psycho and Deadly Affairs

My wife has never seen Psycho.

Sure, she’s met a few psychos in her life (I’m not one of them, just in case you were wondering), but I’m talking about the movie.

The original.



Non-Vince-Vaughn version of Psycho (no offense, Vince!)

My response: “WHAT?!”

We were watching an episode of Deadly Affairs on Investigation Discovery (Susan Lucci, y’all) and the story dealt with a woman who dismembered her husband with a saw.

Wifey had to turn away from the TV when they re-enacted it. Fair enough.

I brought up the infamous chainsaw scene in Scarface, which then led me to mention the even-more-famous shower scene from Psycho (if I remember correctly, neither scene actually shows steel cutting skin).

That’s when she told me she had never seen it.

I immediately combed through my DVD collection to see if I still had it, and was disappointed to see that I did not.

That’s good news for Wifey, because that meant she could avoid two hours of me looking over at her while we watched Psycho to see her reaction to all its famous scenes (think Jim Carrey’s impersonation of Chuck Woolery).

But maybe, someday, if I just tell her that the blood in the movie is just chocolate syrup, and that you never actually see a knife penetrate Janet Leigh’s skin, I’ll be able to talk Wifey into watching Psycho with me.


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