Fantasy Football and Daylight Savings

Let’s hear it for Daylight Savings!

Now I have an extra hour to figure out what the hell I’m going to do about Fantasy Football today. 😒

Right now I’m in second place in our league “Oh We Bookin It” at 6-2. Not bad, right?

Well, I have to play my brother this week, Team Yonk (not a particularly original name, I’ll say), and he’s sitting atop the league standings at a ripe 8-0.

Check out his lineup and you’ll see why:

I mean what’s the best way to sum it up?

Ho. Lee. Shit.

I mean, Todd Gurley, James Conner AND Kareem Hunt? Come on, man! That’s what we call “highway robbery.”

Of course, I traded him Conner for Emmanuel Sanders (I needed a receiver, and I had Le’Veon Bell, who I hoped would have ended his holdout by now. I was wrong 😒), so I contributed to that escaped government experiment of a lineup.

Aside from not being sure if Melvin Gordon and Chris Carson will be healthy enough to play today, my biggest problem this week is finding a suitable quarterback.

I drafted Drew Brees at the beginning of the season (not the worst move), but then I picked up Jameis Winston off the waiver wire (bad move), and then dropped Brees with the intention of riding Winston for the rest of the season (TERRIBLE IDEA!).

Winston threw four interceptions last week and got his ass benched. So as of right now, Baker Mayfield is my starting QB.

I was going to go with Alex Smith, then I changed my mind and picked Matthew Stafford, and THEN I changed my mind and picked Dak Prescott, AND THEN I changed my mind and picked Mayfield.

As you can tell, I’m extremely confident in my decision.

I’m fortunate that my tight end George Kittle had a great game on Thursday, but I don’t know if the rest of my lineup will show up.

I hate Fantasy Football, but at least I’m not playing for money this year.

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