Congressional Term Limits

Happy Election Day!

Don’t forget to vote! As long as you vote the same way I do, we’re good.

Especially if you vote twice 😉.

Don’t do that. It’s against the law.

Anyway, I think Midterm Election Day is a great time to discuss something I have felt strongly about for the last ten years:

Congressional term limits.

Why in the world do we not have them?

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of all these old fogies (on BOTH sides of the aisle), who sit on their wrinkly asses in Congress for thirty, forty, even fifty years, and change absolutely nothing.

Except for the depths of their pockets, of course.

Oh, and they make damn sure they have access to better healthcare than the rest of us commoners. Maybe that’s why so many of them live for so long.

My wife and I took a gander at some of the “affordable healthcare options” on, and the best plan we could find for our family was almost 700 dollars a month…with an 8,000 dollar deductible each for my wife and I.

But do you really think anyone on Capitol Hill has the slightest worry about being able to afford healthcare?

Representatives and Senators are supposed to represent US. We the people. Of MURICA. Instead, they evolve into pseudo-noblemen (and women) who ride their high horses in Washington and only give a shit about their districts during an election year.

Just pull up a list of Representatives and Senators and their net worths. All this fuss about the top 1%? Congress IS PART OF THE TOP 1%!

Maybe if a Representative knew he or she couldn’t be in office for more than, say, six terms (two terms for Senators), then maybe he or she would be more motivated to get something done.

There’s that old ditty, and it goes:

Republicans are red

Democrats are blue

And neither one gives

A shit about you.

3 thoughts on “Congressional Term Limits

  1. I’ve never known a politician who didn’t break their promises. Yet, we vote and naively believe this new candidate will change our lives. You’re right about the old fogies. They are completely out of touch and don’t care.

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