Drinkin in My Car

My wife and I were watching The Ranch last night, and one of the episodes had a brief running joke about one of the patrons of Maggie’s bar thinking it’s okay to drink in your car.

Obviously, I found it amusing because drinking in your car, to me, is crazy.

My wife, on the other hand, told me that she knew a bunch of people back in the day who had no qualms about drinking in a car.

“It’s more common than you think, especially in small towns,” she said.

Which gave me the idea for a Country song.

I don’t know if any Country artist has ever truly tackled the hard-hitting subject of drinking in one’s car, so I decided to give it a go.

I’m also slightly bored, but please please please don’t tell my boss!

Here goes:

Drinkin’ In My Car

Set to The Stampeders’s “Sweet City Woman”

*banjo instrumental*

Well I’m on my way

I’m three sheets to the wind

Sittin’ in my car

The engine’s not on

With a bottle of gin.

It’s more comfy than a bar stool

It’s cheaper than a bar tab

Sittin’ in my car

Instead of a bar

I’ll drink whatever I can grab

Driiiiiiiiiiiiink drinkin’ in my car

I’m feelin all right

There’s no cop in sight

To throw me out of my car

Driiiiiiiiiiiiiink drinkin’ in my car

Beefeater and me

We enjoy the feel

Of the front seat

Oh baby

B, AC, Oh, My BAC

My BAC is .09

Tiiiiiiiime to hit the baaaaaackseeeeat

There’s a fifth of Pepe Lopez

Layin’ on top of the dash

It’s all I got left

Since I drank all the Tennessee sour mash

But don’t worry bout my drivin’

Because the engine won’t start

I’m waitin’ for the tow truck man

To bring me some pop tarts

Driiiiiiiiiiink drinkin’ in my car

My license expires

In two more weeks

I won’t get very far

Driiiiiiiiiiink drinkin’ in my car

Pepe Lopez and me

Agree that it’s time

To move to the backseat

Driiiiiiiiiiiiink drinkin’ in my car

Drink drink drink drinkin in my car

Driiiiiiiiiiiiink drinkin’ in my car

Drink drink drink drinkin’ in my car

*banjo instrumental*

I mean, it’s about drinking, so it should at least make an appearance on the Country charts.


If anyone can play the banjo and wants to make this song a reality, lemme know 😊

One thought on “Drinkin in My Car

  1. Dude, drinking in your car was absolutely a thing in the 70s and even into the 80s. When I lived in Daytona Beach, all we did on weekends was cruise up and down that wide beach at 10 mph and drink beer. The tricky part was getting home.

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