His and Hers: Movies

There are plenty of things that my wife and I don’t see eye-to-eye on.

For one thing, she thinks Sublime makes good music, and I think I’ve heard better sounds from cats fornicating in a garbage can (I promise I don’t just go around town hoping to find cats fornicating in a garbage can just so I can make the analogy).

In 2016, I voted for Ric Flair. My wife didn’t.

But one thing we really butt heads about (and by “butt heads” I mean we frequently tease each other, nothing violent like…actually butting heads) is movies.

One night, I convinced her to watch Alien with me, and she fell asleep. How crazy is that? Falling asleep during Alien, that chest-bursting classic, but staying awake through the entire Twilight series?!

What the what?!

There are a few movies that I’ve talked her into watching with me that she stayed awake through, though, and I was everlastingly grateful that she didn’t.

Three Days of the Condor

The Last Detail

Blue Collar

Planet of the Apes


Crocodile Dundee

White Men Can’t Jump

Bonnie and Clyde

If she had fallen asleep during THOSE movies, then, well, that would have been quite disheartening.

To be fair, though, I would have totally fallen asleep through Twilight.

So, we don’t agree on a lot of movies, but we agree on enough of them to keep it interesting. Plus, we know enough about each other to know what movies NOT to force each other to sit through.

I won’t try to get her to watch any movie with John Wayne, and she won’t try to get me to watch Magic Mike. Or Magic Mike XXL. Or anything Nicholas Sparks-related.

Or Twilight. Thank God.

As Michael Scott once said, “Isss all gooood…” 😊

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