Busch Ice got me Every Which Way But Loose

My wife is working this evening, so after I got home and took Miles and Crackers out, I started surfing Amazon Prime for a movie to pass the time.

I settled on:

Every Which Way But Loose

Definitely not a movie I could get Anna to watch with me.

It’s not exactly Citizen Kane, but it’s also not The Village, so…ding ding ding we have a winner!

Plus, there is some Busch Ice in the fridge that needs drinkin’. So Miles, Crackers and I are enjoying a guys evening in.

Sooooooo, Any Which Way But Loose…

Basically, Clint Eastwood plays Philo, a trucker/fighter who romances a country singer (Sondra Locke) who leaves him high and dry.

So, of course, Philo goes off after her, with a couple of lousy cops and one gaudy motorcycle gang called the Black Widows (think Hogan’s Heroes meets the Hell’s Angels) chasing after HIM.

Oh, he also has a pet Orangutan named Clyde (!?), and this was way before the protagonist-and-primate-companion movie boom of the 90s.

AND it’s got a theme song by Eddie Rabbitt (yee-haw!).

It’s kind of like Smokey and the Bandit without the 400 cases of Coors or Jerry Reed, but it’s still fun (of course, the Busch Ice might have something to do with me being so amused by it).

There’s plenty of fisticuffs, and enough flannel for a Florida Georgia Line concert (I’m only assuming here, because I’ve never been to one of their gigs, but they seem “bro-country” enough to make one think of flannel), and oh…did I mention there’s a pet Orangutan named Clyde?

Told ya 🐵.

Of course, there’s also the truck-runs-over-someone’s-motorcycle moment, which reminds me very much of Smokey and the Bandit.

Country music+bar fights+road tripping+flannel+an Orangutan named Clyde+an old lady blowing up motorcycles with a shotgun=Every Which Way But Loose.

I give it two stars out of four, but Busch Ice gives it 2.5 out of four. 🍺

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