Christmas in Cleveland

The countdown is on; only 15 days left until Boo-thang and I make our annual Christmas trip to Cleveland!


I never thought I’d spend a single Christmas in a city famous for its burning river, but then I met my wife and now it’s a tradition for us.

We’re guaranteed a Christmas with snow every year (a novelty that excites me more than it excites her, considering she grew up in Ohio), which is only one of the great things about a Cleveland Christmas. We have quite the itinerary this year, too.

We’ll have a lunch date at the Great Lakes Brewery, which means:


Last year we had to wait 45 minutes just to get a table, which was the longest I’ve ever had to wait to be seated at any restaurant.



So it was worth it.

After that we’ll stroll over to the West Side Market, which means:


The Market is a culinary enthusiast’s (my wife, not me) dream of countless vendors selling meats, baked goods, fruits and vegetables (like I said, my wife, not me). It’s like a gun show for people who love to cook.

Sadly, none of the vendors sell firearms.

Food isn’t the worst alternative, though.

Then on Christmas Eve we’ll be going to Boo-thang’s parents’ house, where we’ll eat, socialize and open presents (no drinking, though. Her parents do not believe in such evil practices).

Last year we got to meet our new niece, Autumn.

Boo-thang looks like she’s got the mother thing down, which explains the concerned look on MY face 😂.

Finally, Boo-Thang and I will be attending our first-ever NBA game as the Cavaliers play the Chicago Bulls on December 23.

It turns out that tickets are WAY easier to come by when your team’s current record is 5-19 and the franchise no longer has to pay LeBron James’s salary.

Still, it’s a friggin’ NBA game, so as Ric Flair once said:


It’s going to be a long 15 days until we leave 😒.

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