Doggie Baths

When it comes to baths, I don’t understand why Miles (Our Jacked Russell) is so uneasy.

I mean, he gets warm water poured all over his body and attention from Boo-Thang and I. That sounds like a sweet gig to me.

It’s not like we’re waterboarding him or anything.

Then again, I’m not covered in fur, so maybe a nice bath ain’t all it’s cracked up to be?

It had been a few months, so Boo-Thang and I decided to give the dogs baths yesterday (imagine if WE went that long without bathing 😣).

Crackers (our Rattie mix) isn’t opposed to baths, especially once he gets in the tub (we know this because his ears don’t go back).

But Miles? He starts shaking once we get him in the bathroom (we live in an apartment, AND it’s December, so it’s not like we can set up an inflatable pool outside for him).

Because of the fact that he’s almost 70 damn pounds (“Jacked” Russell, indeed), it took us double-teaming him and carrying him to the tub to get him clean.

No dimmed lights, candles or wine, though, because we can’t afford to have our hovel burn down. Besides, Miles and candles go together like peas and carrots (blech!).

But bathing Miles means that Boo-Thang and I ended up getting a bath too, which, I gotta tell ya, isn’t the worst thing for my curly locks.

Twenty minutes and three towels later, though, Miles and Crackers were so fresh and so clean-clean, so that’s just one less thing we have to worry about!

They’re not always easy, but they’re never ever EVER boring 🐶.

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