Wolfpack Wins!

I faced quite the dilemma last night while I was waiting for Boo-Thang to get home from work.

NC State basketball?

Or Apocalypse Now?

“Charlie don’t surf!”?

Or “Dammit, they choked again!”?

I went with Apocalypse Now, because no movie in the world gets me emotionally worked up the way Wolfpack basketball does.

At least I knew how Apocalypse Now was going to end.

Besides, State was playing Auburn, the 7th-ranked team in the nation, which would only heighten my anxiety.

You know, because State hadn’t beaten a top-ten non-conference opponent at home since 1986 (statistics statistics statistics).

I got all the way to the scene when Captain Willard meets Colonel Kurtz, but I couldn’t resist any longer.

I grabbed my phone. One update on the score wouldn’t kill me.

It read:

NC State 45

Auburn 41

*French horn blast*

I waffled for a minute. There were about 10 minutes left in the game.

Would I take my chances and switch over to it?

Or would I stay the course and witness Kurtz’s ultimate demise?

What kind of fan would I be if I didn’t watch the game at least for a minute?

Okay, no more questions.

I switched to the game, and it was tied.

“No!” I thought to myself, “They’re gonna blow it!”

But…they didn’t!

8 minutes to go…no blowing of the game by State.

5 minutes…my palms were starting to sweat…still no blowing of the game by State.


It wasn’t all pretty (with State it seldom is) but the Wolfpack prevailed over the Tigers, 78-71, and improved to 10-1 on the season.

What struck me about this game was the way the Wolfpack played.

They didn’t slack. They didn’t take any plays off.

They. Didn’t. Choke.

And I didn’t. Throw. Any. Furniture!

Maybe that’s what was really impressive 😒.

Okay, maybe not as impressive as Markell Johnson (from Cleveland!) dropping 27 points, but still.

Okay, or as impressive as Devon Daniels’s 15 points or Braxton Beverly’s (if you want some laughs, follow Captain Braxton Beverly on Twitter) 15 points…

But still. No thrown furniture!

That makes four wins over top-ten teams in under two seasons with Kevin Keatts as the Wolfpack Head Coach.

State better keep its wallet open and keep Keatts paid, because if this keeps up then there are going to be a bunch of other schools eager to hire him away.


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