Cleveland Hijinks

Our first full day in Cleveland was an absolute blast.

No, three years ago I would have never put the words “Cleveland”, “absolute”, and “blast” in the same sentence in that order.

Fast-forward to 2018, and Boo-Thang and I are willingly spending our third Christmas in the city of Browns, Cavaliers and Indians.

Color me shocked, but the city has grown on me.

And the Cuyahoga River hasn’t caught on fire…yet!


We met up with some close friends and had lunch at Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Look how tall that dude is. Yes, he played basketball.

Oh, there’s us marveling at the lamp from A Christmas Story. Don’t tell Boo-Thang!

So after lunch we strolled over to the West Side Market and bought a couple pounds of Christmas Ale bacon!

Beer+Beer-flavored bacon=Woooooo!

On the way back to the Airbnb, I saw something glorious. Right on par with the American flag and a bald eagle:

Yep, that’s the Oscar Meyer WEINERMOBILE!

Definitely wasn’t expecting to see that. Yes, sometimes I am easily entertained.

I didn’t think the Weinermobile was still a thing, especially in the 21st century with all them vegans running around. I was afraid they might have changed it to be a Prius or something.

“Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Pussy…”

But no. It’s the same old Weinermobile. The world hasn’t ended yet.

We ended up at our friends’ house in Deerfield, where we spent about four hours eating spaghetti, listening to music, and playing Apples to Apples.

It would’ve been nice if I hadn’t had to suffer through Sublime (thanks, Alexa!), but fortunately I only had to gag through one of their songs.

One Sublime song is too much in my book 😣.

Why was I the only one wearing a Santa hat? It’s Christmas, dammit!

And for a nightcap, Boo-Thang and I plugged in the Roku and watched reruns of The Ranch.

Great day all around 😊.

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