Bed Bites

Shit, and I thought waking Boo-Thang up was a dangerous proposition.

At least she’s never bitten me.

Miles woke me up early this morning (just after 4), because he had to pee. As I opened the bedroom door to go leash him up, Mr. Crackers scurried past us and hopped up on the bed.

That happens all the time, and 90% of the time it’s no big deal.

So I took Miles out, got back and went back into the bedroom.

I still had some sleep to catch up on.

There sat Crackers, curled up on my side of the bed looking ADOWABOWL.

Oftentimes I’m able to just nudge Crackers over just a tad so I have enough room to lay back down.

But this time I lightly tugged on the comforter he was laying on to see if it would be enough to get him to move just a little bit.

Wrong move.

Just after I tugged the comforter, Crackers lunged and bit me on the hand.

Man. That. Shit. Hurt.

Just enough for me to yell out “FUCK!”, causing Boo-Thang to sit up in confusion.

Oh terrific. I got bit by my dog AND woke my wife up.

“What happened?!” She asked.

“Crackers bit me!” I responded.

“Crackers, you asshole!” She said. “If I don’t get back to sleep now then I won’t be able to go to work.”

Mission failed. There wasn’t a snow’s chance in Hell of me trying to move Crackers again.

Having been thwarted, I grabbed a blanket and went to lay on the couch to lick my wounds.

Miles was laying there already, but as I laid down he actually moved aside…WITHOUT BITING ME!

There ya go, Mr.Miles!

Later on, while I was watching Netflix, Crackers came out and hopped up in my lap.

“Me? Bite you? I would never! Please pet me!”

Oh lord, it’s impossible to hold a grudge against this Rattie.

Next time I’m just going to bribe him with a piece of cheese.

Thanks to the Rat Terriers Forever Facebook page for the insight on how to deal with a Rattie in bed.

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