Trump Burgers and Student Athletes

So the Clemson Tigers football team visited the White House (something about celebrating a national championship or some such thing), and President Trump rolled out the red carpet with:

A fast-food buffet!

But what the hell, Trump? No Chick-fil-a?

I guess you can kiss the Evangelical vote goodbye for 2020.

No Chick-fil-a=No God.

On the other hand, at least Trump didn’t have bowls of Ramen lined up on a table. That would’ve been a little TOO “college”, in my opinion.

Well, almost as “college” as playing a game, which generates millions of dollars for a school’s athletic program, for free.

McDonald’s is good enough for our President, so you Tigers should be more appreciative.

You know what Forrest Gump had when HE visited the White House?

15 damn Dr. Peppers.

Not once did he complain about how unhealthy 15 Dr. Peppers was (although he did spend a lot of time in the bathroom as a result).

Did you ever see any of the football players from The Longest Yard turn down a Quarter Pounder from Cheeseburger Eddie?

Hell no. If Eddie’s got burgers, and the fries to cross yo’ eyes, you take them and say “Gee whiz, Eddie, I’m so glad you hooked me up!”

Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. If I’m invited to the White House to chow down on some Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers, then you know I’ll be there front and center with a large napkin tucked into my shirt collar.

Of course, I’m also not a top-caliber athlete, unless armchair-quarterbacking counts.

Then I’d have a bust in Canton.

But I don’t think “Designated Armchair Quarterback” is a paid position, sadly enough.

But neither is any position in any college sport.

All I’m saying is that instead of getting upset over Trump serving fast food to a college football team, maybe we could find something else to get upset about?

Such as universities making millions of dollars on the backs of slave laborers?

*cough cough*

So sorry, I meant to say “student-athletes”, not “slave laborers”. Silly me.

I guess if Trump was going to celebrate the accomplishments of pro-bono athletes, he could have at least served something healthy like Subway.

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