Monopoly: Carnegie Style

After a long hiatus, Boo-Thang and I have hopped back on the Monopoly train (I’ve actually won a few games since the last time I blogged about this game).

We figured out that the best way to play board games is on the bedroom with the door closed (it would be too much of a pain to try to keep Miles from eating the dice/buildings/money/anything relating to the game).

But now we don’t just play regular old Monopoly; we’ve upped the ante just a bit.

Now we play a little something called:

Carnegie Monopoly

Well, at first we came up with Rockefeller Monopoly, which is where you start the game with twice as many 50’s, 100’s and 500’s.

That wasn’t enough for us, though.

So then we moved up to Carnegie Monopoly, where you start with FOUR times the amount of 50’s, 100’s and 500’s.

I mean, the original Monopoly was released in the 1930’s, so were really just adjusting for inflation.

Originally I wanted to call it Trump Monopoly, but Boo-Thang was having none of that.

Oh well, Carnegie Monopoly it is.

This robber-baron version of the game doesn’t break from tradition only with the increase in starting money, though.

We changed some other rules, too, such as:

1. 400 dollars for passing Go

2. 100 dollars to get out of jail (if you don’t feel like trying to roll doubles)

3. Doubling up hotels; instead of settling for just one hotel, you can splurge for a second hotel. You just have to pay the same amount that you did for the first one. Then if someone lands on your double-hotel, then he or she owes you twice the amount.

Is it ridiculous? Abso-friggin-lutely.

You probably won’t be able to pull it off if you have more than two people playing (unless you want to merge two Monopoly games’ worth of money, houses, money, etc.).

Plus, it kind of de-emphasizes the railroads/utilities.

Like “Oh darn, I owe you 200 bucks for landing on your Short Line, since you own all four railroads? Well, try not to land on my Boardwalk double-hotel, which will cost you 4,000 bucks.”

And if you happen to draw the “street repairs” card from Chance or Community Chest, then you are f-u-c-k-e-d.

But throw in a Franzia box and/or a case of Bud Light, and you’ve got an outrageous-yet-amusing board game to pass the time.

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