Cardiac Arrest Pack

*This is an NC State basketball post, so brace yourself for one of the biggest homer fans in sports*

Woo boy diggity giggity dawg that was one heart attack of a game!

NC State 69

Clemson 67

Was this a game the Wolfpack COULD have easily won? Yes.

Was this a game the Wolfpack SHOULD have easily won? I mean, yeah.

BUT was it a game the Wolfpack had no business winning, being down by six with less than 30 seconds to go?

As the “Cash me outside” girl once said:


I watched the entire game, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about putting my fist through the wall.

Note: “thinking” and “doing” are completely different things (besides, if I had thrown something and hit the TV, then Boo-Thang would have tanned my hide).

It was quite a hideous game, to be honest, what with the score being somewhat low and the Wolfpack not playing peak basketball.

The Tigers had this game in the bag (and I was about to start hyperventilating in a paper bag), but then they forgot one of the most important lessons of basketball.

Make. Your. Damn. Free. Throws.

Freedom isn’t free, but guess what? Free throws are.

I know of which I speak, because I once went 28-30 at the charity stripe in my hoop days.

No, it wasn’t during a game, and no, there were no witnesses, so you’re just gonna have to take my word for it.

But you know what? A win is a win. And we Wolfpackers deserve a nail-biting, lets-get-a-noise-complaint victory every now and then.

Special thanks to Braxton Beverly, because that game-winner was absolute 🔥.

And, aside from the blown free throws, kudos to Clemson. They played far better than their 11-8 record would suggest (if Beverly had missed that shot I’d be damning them all to Hell, but hey at least I’m honest).

But now State has to prepare for 3rd-ranked Virginia on Tuesday.

I’m telling y’all right now that there’s no way on this planet that I’m watching that game.

And it would be a lie.

Go Pack!

Aaaaaaaand just for good measure:

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