New(ish?) Wolfpack, New Superstitions

NC State plays the 3rd-ranked Virginia Cavaliers tonight, and I think it’s time for me to conduct a little experiment in…superstition.

With 2nd year coach Kevin Keatts leading the Pack, and a new attitude in tow, I believe a few new game day rituals are in order.

I know believing in superstitions runs contrary to my Catholicism, but I honestly don’t think God takes much offense to it, especially since it’s just sports were talking about.

Besides, it’s not like I’m going to go kidnap some unsuspecting virgin and burn her at the stake in an attempt to improve State’s chances of winning a basketball game.

Nor am I going to create a Tony Bennett (Virginia’s head coach) voodoo doll and stick needles in it. I’m not an idiot.

Unless it’s the national championship game, then I’d consider it.

Jesus, I’m only kidding!

Anyway, my new game-day rituals are as follows:

1. Tequila

2. The same, unwashed NC State shirt

3. Removing Crackers’s collar

Unfortunately, it would not be feasible for me to purchase a fifth of Cazadores for every State game (too expensive), so tonight I’ve equipped myself with a bottle of Exotico (17.95 as opposed to 24.95, because I’m fiscally responsible).

I won’t go dirt-cheap, either. There’s absolutely no way I’ll stoop to the Pepe Lopez level, unless…never mind, there is no “unless” involved, here.

I’ve got my old, red “Go Wolfpack” shirt that I found at a thrift store a few years ago, and it still fits (!), but no washing allowed. I’m not going out in public, so what’s the big deal?

Finally, my Rat Terrier, Crackers, normally wears an NC State collar, but no longer during State games.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “But why these rituals, don’t they seem a bit random?”

Well, when the Wolfpack beat Clemson this past Saturday, on a buzzer-beating 3-pointer (courtesy of Braxton Beverly), after being down six points with less than 30 seconds in the game, I just happened to be wearing my “Go Wolfpack” shirt, while drinking Tequila, while Crackers wasn’t wearing his State collar.

So I think that’s a good place to start.

Of course, if State loses tonight, then I’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

But come on, positive thoughts, people!

Wolf! Pack!

Oh, and Vuck Firginia. 😉

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