Boo-Thang B-Day: Mission Accomplished

“Yesterday it was my birthday,

I hung one more year on the line,

I should be depressed,

My life’s a mess,

But I’m havin’ a good time.”

-Paul Simon

Fortunately, those lyrics do NOT ENTIRELY describe Boo-Thang’s life, nor mine👍.

I can say with confidence that neither Boo-Thang nor I are depressed. Nor are our lives a mess (messY, yes, courtesy of our pups Miles and Crackers).

But I can also confidently say that we are having a good time.

I was finally able to conjure up some crunch time birthday magic by getting a handful of goodies for Boo-Thang.


1. Bacon-maple Donuts from Duck Donuts (Although as Forrest Gump once said, “I ate some”)

2. 400 rounds of .22 LR ammunition

3. Gun oil for cleaning

4. A little rubber ducky from Duck Donuts wearing a shirt that says “I love you.”

I briefly flirted with the idea of baking her a confetti cake packed with diced bacon (Baconfetti!), but I wasn’t 100% confident in the chemistry behind such an action.

So I played it safe and got donuts.

Before we went to the NC State-Wake Forest basketball game at PNC Arena, Boo-Thang and I met a couple of friends at Backyard Bistro for lunch and pregaming (drinks).

Lemme tell ya: 2.75 Miller Lite drafts+THE BEST Shrimp and Grits I’ve ever had+friends+Boo-Thang= WOO!

It certainly didn’t hurt that State whupped up on Wake Forest, 94-74, either.

I hate losing to Carolina, and I strongly dislike losing to Duke.

But losing to Wake Forest is downright deflating (if you didn’t read my post following State’s loss to the Demon Deacons in football this past season….well just don’t. Just trust me when I say it was not great).

I tweeted a selfie of Boo-Thang and I at the game, and they actually showed it on the Jumbotron:

Nothing like good publicity when you’re on the path to stardom 😂.

We also got to see former Wolfpack great TJ Warren have his number honored before the game:

To top it all off, Wake Forest missed two consecutive free throws with less than 8 minutes to go.

And when THAT happens, all the fans win a free chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A!

So not only did State win, but now I know what I’m having for lunch today 😉.

Don’t forget to wish Boo-Thang a happy belated birthday, you can follow her WordPress blog Musings of a Dog Mom.

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