Team Name Mixup Cost NC State Spot in NCAA Tournament

When the NC State men’s basketball team was left out of this season’s NCAA Tournament bracket, many Wolfpack fans were left perplexed.

In their minds, the Wolfpack was snubbed in favor of other less-deserving teams.

However, it has recently been revealed that the Wolfpack was left out of the tournament due to a team name mixup.

According to inside sources, the NCAA Selection committee confused the NC State Wolfpack with the Nevada Wolf Pack, and in doing so placed Nevada as a 7 seed in the tournament but left NC State out entirely.

“It was a complete misstep,” one member of the Selection committee said, “we were so caught up in the Wolf Pack that we completely overlooked the Wolfpack.”

“I mean, both mascots are a wolf with a funny hat, so can you really blame us?” Another Selection committee member asked.

“It’s ironic, because Nevada has two players, Cody and Caleb Martin, who used to play for NC State,” the same committee member added.

Even though the committee as a whole admitted to its mistake, it hasn’t made NC State fans feel any better about missing out on March Madness.

“A lot of good an apology does us now,” NC State Athletic Director Debbie Yow said. “‘Wolfpack’ is not the same as ‘Wolf Pack.’ Seriously, who puts these people in charge?”

“I’ll tell you one thing,” Yow added, “there’s no way in Hell we would have lost to 15-loss Florida in the round of 64.”

Nevada lost in its opening game of the NCAA Tournament to Florida, 70-61.

Despite the snub, NC State Head Coach Kevin Keatts is optimistic.

“Yeah, a mistake was made, and yeah it’s disappointing,” Keatts said, “but we’re in the NIT now, and it gives our team an excuse to play in Reynolds Coliseum.”

NC State (23-11) faces Harvard (19-11) in the second round of the National Invitational Tournament on Sunday in Raleigh.

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