Mack Brown’s Golf Cart Leads to UNC Football Recruiting Resurgence

With the return of Head Coach Mack Brown to Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina’s football recruiting has taken a noticeable step forward. currently has UNC’s 2020 recruiting class at 8th in the nation, trailing only Clemson and Miami at 3rd and 4th, respectively, in the ACC.

It turns out Brown has a secret weapon to lure top-flight talent to the school: his golf cart.

Known as the “Mack-Mobile,” Brown’s preferred method of transportation has left recruits salivating at the prospect of riding shotgun around Chapel Hill with a National Championship winning coach.

“Hell yeah, the Mack-Mobile,” Joshua Downs, a 4-star receiver from Georgia, told reporters. “That thing is pimpin’.”

Elijah Burris, a 3-star running back from Mount Holly, North Carolina, said he was sold on the university the minute he sat down next to Brown in the Mack-Mobile.

“They don’t call it ‘The Mack-Mobile’ for nothing,” Burris told reporters, “as soon as we got on board a dozen girls showed up and started throwing their panties at us.”

Brown laughed when he was asked about the infamous vehicle.

“Yeah, boy,” Brown said. “This thing rides better than your mama.”

“These players aren’t gonna get the Mack-Mobile experience anywhere else,” Brown added. “We’re gonna ride this baby all the way to a bowl game.”

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