Hallmark Introduces Smokeable Cards for 4/20

Despite the federal ban on Marijuana, one company is embracing the well-known 4/20 holiday.

Hallmark has introduced limited edition, smokeable greeting cards for this year’s 4/20 celebration, and weed enthusiasts are ecstatic.

Hallmark spokesperson Wendy Watson told reporters the pot-infused cards should help increase sales.

“What if Cheech wanted to mail a reefer card to Chong, just to let him know he’s been thinking of him?” Watson said. “Not only does Chong get a lovely card, but he can roll that baby up and smoke it, too.”

According to Watson, Hallmark has brought up the possibility of a partnership with Taco Bell.

“Seriously, Taco Bell, 4/20 and weed cards,” Watson added, “that’s a money trifecta right there.”

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams said he supports Hallmark’s decision.

“What a great move,” Williams said, “I think I’m going to mail one of those bad boys to Jeff Sessions. Who knows, maybe it’ll help him loosen up.”

Former US Attorney General Sessions was not pleased about Hallmark’s decision.

“I love those Hallmark movies,” Sessions told reporters, “but I do not approve of them embracing the Devil’s lettuce. This is America, not Jamaica.”

“That’s what turned me off from the Ku Klux Klan. They’re a bunch of tangleweed mad hatters.”

The new smokeable greeting cards will be on sale between April 20 and April 22.

“If sales are good, which I’m certain they will be,” Watson said, “you can expect Hallmark to sell them every year.”

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