Stormy Mistaken for a Trump Supporter, Chased out of DC Restaurant

The Carolina Hurricanes mascot was driven out of a DC-area restaurant Wednesday night following the Canes’ series-clinching Game 7 victory over the Washington Capitals in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Stormy, the Canes’ pig mascot, was spotted eating at a local Denny’s when one customer mistook him for a Trump supporter.

“He was wearing a red hat,” the customer, who only identified himself as Robert, said, “so naturally I’m thinking he’s a Trump supporter. You know, MAGA and all that.”

“So I threw what was left of my Grand Slam at him.”

Another patron, who asked to remain anonymous, said she was triggered by the red hat as well.

“I’ve seen that prick on TV before,” the woman said. “I thought he had a MAGA hat too, plus his name is Stormy, and you know Trump loves Stormy.”

According to Stormy, a crowd of people surrounded him and started yelling.

“I thought they were just mad about the game,” Stormy said. “But some of them started shouting things like ‘Impeach 45’, and ‘racist pig’.”

“I can’t help that I’m a pig, y’all. I’m not racist, and not everyone who wears a red hat voted for Trump. See the Canes logo, dummies?”

Stormy told reporters he was tempted to fight the crowd, but that he decided not to because he didn’t want to miss the Canes’ next series.

“I have to make it to New York for Game 1,” Stormy explained. “I can’t go if I beat the crap out of someone in Denny’s.”

“I already made that mistake once before.”

Denny’s representatives could not be reached for comment.

The Hurricanes will face the New York Islanders in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Game 1 is scheduled for Friday.

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