Aho’s Ex-Girlfriend the Reason Behind PNC Arena Broom Ban

When PNC Arena officials announced that no brooms would be allowed in for Game 4 of the Carolina Hurricanes-New York Islanders second round playoff series, many fans were disappointed.

After all, the Hurricanes hold a commanding 3-0 series lead over the Islanders, and the fans are hoping for a sweep.

According to Hurricanes personnel, however, there’s a legitimate reason behind the so-called “broom ban”.

“Well, there’s actually two reasons why I asked PNC to not allow brooms into the game,” Hurricanes Head Coach Rod Brind’Amour told reporters.

“The first reason is because I don’t want anyone getting too cocky. We still have to go out and take care of business,” Brind’Amour explained. “The second reason is because of Sebastian Aho’s ex-girlfriend.”

Hurricanes Captain Justin Williams elaborated on Brind’Amour’s comments.

“SeaBass used to date this chick who we all thought was a little creepy,” Williams said. “She was always trying to get him to participate in these wacky rituals with pentagrams and dead goats and shit like that.”

When asked about his mysterious ex, Aho was quick to explain.

“Yeah man, that chick was a witchy, stone cold freak,” Aho said. “Always speaking gobbledygook and trying to get me to listen to Disturbed on repeat.”

“I know that some fans really wanted to bring brooms into PNC to celebrate a possible sweep, but I figured if we didn’t allow brooms in, then I wouldn’t have to worry about my ex making it to the game and screwing things up for all of us.”

When Islanders fan Ralph Macchio heard about Aho’s ex, he offered to buy her a broom to get her to the game.

“Hey, anything to give my team a chance,” Macchio said. “Get off my case.”

Game 4 is scheduled for tonight at 7 in PNC Arena.

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