Exterminator Called to Trap Large Rat in PNC Arena

A local exterminator was called to PNC Arena Tuesday during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes to take care of a rat problem.

Bobby Templeton, a pest control technician for Trap Em Snap Em Exterminators, said he wasn’t planning on attending the game, which the Bruins won 2-1, until his office received a call about a large rat scaring the fans at PNC.

“If it had been at the Dean Dome then I would’ve just let it go,” Templeton said. “But this is the Eastern Conference Finals we’re talking about.”

One Hurricanes fan said it was the biggest rat she had ever seen.

“It was enormous,” she told reporters, “it scurried out onto the ice during warmups and I almost fainted.”

“I didn’t want it to bite Aho or any of our other guys.”

When Templeton arrived at the arena, he noticed that the rat bore a resemblance to one of Boston’s skaters.

“That thing looked just like Brad what’s-his-name,” Templeton said. “I wanted to use my flamethrower on it, but if I did that then the ice would’ve melted.”

“So I took my snare and chased it into the locker room.”

Templeton said he lost track of the rat in the locker room and never saw it again.

“I thought I saw it on the Bruins’ bench later on during the first period,” Templeton said. “But it was just Brad what’s-his-name.”

Brad Marchand was upset about the incident.

“How can you get me mixed up with a rat?” Marchand asked reporters during the first period intermission. “I’ve never seen a rat play hockey.”

The Bruins take a 3-0 series lead into Game 4, which is scheduled for Thursday at PNC Arena. The team is planning on giving out commemorative rat traps with Marchand’s face on them to the first 5,000 fans who show up.

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