Ratajkowski Has Bad Experience At Taco Bell, Posts Nude Photo in Protest

First it was Alabama’s abortion laws, and now Taco Bell has incurred the wrath of Emily Ratajkowski.

Renowned model Ratajkowski posted another nude photo Friday to protest a recent negative experience she had at Taco Bell, the well-known fast food chain.

Ratajkowski told reporters that she was furious over Taco Bell messing up her order, so she responded in the best way she knew how.

“They put f***ing tomatoes in my soft tacos,” Ratajkowski said. “I don’t have time for that. So to retaliate, I decided to post another nude pic to show those Taco Bell folks that I mean business.”

Ken Layne, representative for Taco Bell, told reporters that the company was flattered to have Ratajkowski’s attention.

“She can post all the nude photos she wants,” Layne said. “Taco Bell wholeheartedly supports her decision.”

Ratajkowski said that in addition to messing up her order, Taco Bell has always bothered her.

“It’s not really Mexican food,” Ratajkowski said. “It’s just a bunch of Americans appropriating Mexican culture, and that’s unacceptable.”

“I don’t even know why I went to Taco Bell in the first place. I might have been high, so don’t judge me.”

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