NC State Fan Claims Tuffy Shrine Helps Wolfpack Beat UNC

13th-ranked NC State defeated rival North Carolina 11-0 Saturday to clinch the regular season-ending series over the Tar Heels two games to one, but one fan claims that the Wolfpack would not have won if it had not been for his Tuffy Shrine.

The fan, Scott Polson, told reporters he built a shrine dedicated to Tuffy, the wolf recognized as NC State’s logo, in his garage earlier in the season.

“They were slumping back in early April,” Polson said. “So I took matters into my own hands.”

The shrine features a Tuffy bobble head atop a wooden box, and before each game Polson lays various objects at the box’s base.

“At first I would offer Tuffy sunflower seeds,” Polson said, “but then I switched to Grizzly Straight Long Cut tobacco and Busch Light.”

“That’s why we beat the Tar Holes this week, because Tuffy was pleased with the dip and the beer.”

When reminded that NC State lost the first game of the UNC series on Thursday, Polson was quick to respond.

“I only had Grizzly Straight Pouches for the first game,” Polson said. “Apparently Tuffy doesn’t like pouches.”

NC State Head Coach Elliott Avent dismissed the shrine as a superstition.

“I’m glad our fans are so supportive,” Avent said, “but the reason we won is because our guys played well, not because Tuffy likes tobacco and Busch Light.”

“That guy’s been watching too much Major League.”

NC State faces 6-seeded Florida State and 10-seeded Wake Forest in pool play next week in the ACC Tournament in Durham.

Polson said he plans to make offerings to Tuffy for the rest of the season.

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