Checkers Fan Overdoses on Bojangles’ Honey Mustard During Game 2 of Calder Cup Series

A Charlotte man was rushed to the hospital Sunday after overdosing on Bojangles’ honey mustard sauce during Game 2 of the Calder Cup Finals between the Charlotte Checkers and the Chicago Wolves.

According to nearby fans, John Stevens, 42, walked to his seat with two baskets of chicken supremes and a dozen packs of honey mustard.

“That dude had honey mustard for days,” one fan told reporters. “He was going to town on it with that chicken, too.”

“Suddenly, he fell out of his seat and started foaming at the mouth. I’d never seen anything like it.”

Doctors who operated on Stevens said the seizure had been caused by the excessive amount honey mustard ingested.

“Personally, I love that sauce,” Dr. Wilhelm Sykes said. “But I’m about 98% sure it has crack cocaine in it, which explains why it’s so popular.”

“If you eat too much of it, though, it could be bad.”

After he awoke in the hospital, Stevens explained that he had used too much honey mustard on his chicken.

“I got a little too excited,” Stevens said. “I love Bojangles’, and I love hockey. When I realized I could buy Bo’s at a hockey game, I got carried away.”

“That honey mustard is like a drug. I’m surprised the DEA allows that stuff on the market.”

Another fan, who begged to remain anonymous, and witnessed Stevens’s seizure at the game, said she could relate.

“I almost traded my double-wide for a carton of Bo’s honey mustard sauce,” she said. “It gets hold of you and doesn’t let go.”

The Checkers won the game, 5-3, to even the series with the Wolves at one game apiece.

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