Following the Chicago Wolves’ 4-1 loss to the Charlotte Checkers in Game 3 of the Calder Cup Finals Wednesday night, one fan started an online petition to change the team’s name to the Stormtroopers.

Jerry Pendleton, the disgruntled fan in question, started the petition after losing his temper during the game.

“Ever seen Star Wars?” Penny asked reporters. “Those dudes in the white PVC-pipe-looking uniforms, who shot a lot but couldn’t hit anything?”

“That’s how the Wolves looked tonight. Like a bunch of friggin’ Stormtroopers.”

So far the petition has garnered one other signature, from an online user who claimed to be an expert in criminology.

“According to my calculations,” the user explained, “Chicago drive-by shooters were more accurate than the Wolves last night.”

“I don’t have the hard data in front of me, but the team only scored one goal last night, and what are the odds there was only one drive-by shooting in Chi-town last night?”

David Clark, a cosplay enthusiast who portrayed a Stormtrooper in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, decried the negative portrayal of Stormtroopers in response to Pendleton’s petition.

“It’s ridiculous,” Clark said. “People always act like Stormtroopers couldn’t shoot, couldn’t hit anything.”

“Do they think Darth Vader ran the galaxy all by himself? It upsets me to no end.”

Game 4 is scheduled for Thursday at 5 pm in Rosemont, Illinois. Charlotte leads the best-of-seven series 2-1.

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