Man Discovers Mack Brown Image in Tree, Predicts Successful Season for UNC Football

A Chapel Hill man claimed to have found an image of UNC Head Football Coach Mack Brown in a tree Wednesday, and that it was a good omen for North Carolina’s upcoming football season.

Gerald McLamb, self-described “Tar Heel football enthusiast”, said he stumbled upon the image while searching for his marbles in a nearby forest.

“There I was, looking for my marbles,” McLamb explained, “when I came across this giant Oak tree.”

“And there, embedded in the bark, was the spitting image of Mack Brown.”

“It’s just like that one person who found Jesus on a piece of toast,” McLamb told reporters. “I think it’s a sign that my Heels will tear it up on the football field this year. 7-5, baby!”

When asked about photographic evidence, McLamb said that he forgot to snap a picture.

“I didn’t have my phone with me,” McLamb said, “so I couldn’t even if I wanted to.”

Other UNC fans were skeptical, though.

“Gerald probably just forgot to take his meds,” Earl Waggoner, a friend of McLamb’s, said. “A few years ago he told me that he saw a coffee stain that looked just like Mitch Trubisky, and that meant we would beat State that season.”

“We didn’t.”

Samantha Bowles, of Hillsborough, said she was excited for the upcoming season but that she didn’t believe in omens.

“If we win 7 games, then it won’t be because that kook Gerald found Mack Brown’s face in a tree,” Bowles said.

UNC opens its football season August 31 against South Carolina.

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