UNC Fan Wows Talent Agent After Making Fun of NC State on Social Media

A North Carolina Tar Heels supporter caught the attention of a talent agent Tuesday after posting multiple insults regarding NC State’s fan base on Facebook.

Jeb Wharton, of Chapel Hill, said he didn’t expect to attract much attention with his anti-Wolfpack comments.

“I was just doing me,” Wharton told reporters. “Ripping on NC State is one of my hobbies, even though they’re not our rival at all.”

“It’s not my fault those people live in trailers and fiddle with livestock.”

Sid Wilkins, the agent who reached out to Wharton on Facebook, said the comments were terrific.

“He was on a roll,” Wilkins explained. “Some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen on the internet, even better than those Tourette’s Guy videos on YouTube.”

“Referring to NC State as ‘Moo U’? That’s some edgy stuff right there,” Wilkins continued. “How has no one picked up on this guy yet?”

“Give me a couple years with Wharton and I can get him on The Tonight Show, no question.”

Wharton said he was flattered by the attention, but that he wasn’t sure if he had time to hire an agent.

“I’d love to, honestly,” Wharton said, “but I’m pretty busy these days. If I don’t clean my room by Saturday my parents will kill me.”

“Still, though, that agent was talking about commercial work, gigs at nightclubs, even my own Netflix series. I’m definitely keeping it in mind.”

Wilkins said he wouldn’t give up until Wharton hired him.

“Whatever his day job is,” Wilkins insisted, “he needs to quit. We’re talking New York City and 700-dollar dinners, here.”

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