Barrett Drafted by Knicks, Drafts Last Will and Testament

New York Knicks fans were excited Thursday when the team used the third pick in the 2019 NBA Draft to select RJ Barrett out of Duke University.

Although he was thrilled about playing in the NBA, Barrett decided to write his Last Will and Testament after learning he was headed to New York, but insisted it didn’t have much to do with being drafted by the Knicks.

“I’m just trying to cover my bases,” Barrett told reporters outside Barclays Arena.

“If anything happens to me, I want to make sure my loved ones are provided for. If Spike Lee starts ripping on me then my days could be numbered.”

Barrett chose not to go into specifics of the will.

One friend of Barrett’s, who asked to remain anonymous, said he felt bad for Barrett.

“That team is a mess. The only other player they have up there right now is Dennis Smith,” the friend explained. “And we know he’s legit because he got paid to play in college.”

“So I mean it’s good for RJ, because he’ll get hella playing time, but New York is not like Durham or Canada. Grown men go there and come back hipsters.”

Another associate of Barrett’s, who also asked to remain anonymous, brought up the franchise’s dysfunction.

“The Knicks are more dysfunctional than all the characters in Big Little Lies combined,” the associate said. “Barrett’s saying the right things, but he’s not even old enough to buy a beer. Yet he’s writing his will? That’s a little strange to me.”

Barrett joins a Knicks team that finished last season in the cellar of the Eastern Conference at 17-65.

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