UNC Fans Petition to Expand NBA Draft to Avoid Talking About Football

North Carolina Tar Heels fans started a petition Friday to expand the NBA Draft to seven rounds to avoid having to discuss football with opposing teams’ fans.

Dustin Hackle, founder and President of Expansion Wins for Everyone, or EWE, told reporters that an expanded draft would extend basketball conversation.

“After the NBA Draft is over we have to go back to talking about football,” Hackle said, “but we only won two games in football last year.”

“By expanding the NBA Draft, not only would we increase the chances of amazing players like Luke Maye actually getting picked, but we would also decrease the number of football conversations we’d have to have with NC State and Duke fans.”

Lance Richards, Vice President of EWE, added that even though UNC brought Mack Brown back as its Head Football Coach, he would prefer to focus on the Tar Heels’ basketball success.

“We’ve lost to State and Duke three years in a row in football,” Richards explained. “So I would prefer to put off the football talk until it’s absolutely necessary.”

“I have faith that Coach Brown will turn things around in Chapel Hill, but just in case he doesn’t, it would be good to talk about seven rounds of Tar Heel draft picks instead of two every year, right?”

UNC’s basketball team finished with a 29-7 record last season, and players Coby White, Cam Johnson, and Nassir Little were picked in the first round of the 2019 NBA Draft at 7th, 11th and 25th, respectively.

UNC’s football team, on the other hand, has a combined five wins over its last two seasons.

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